The Miseducation of Lulu George


Well im back, formerly oohmisslulu but now LadyLuluStyle

I thought it was time to grow up and make a blog that was actually worth reading.

It's main focus will be afropunk Style, art, woc, qwoc, music, culture, Indigenous issues and a bit of politics...

On occasions I will blog some controversial things and I take full ownership of any opinion pieces I post on here.

There's not much to know about me.

But here are some fun facts to get started.

o I live in Sydney
o I’m Indigenous Australian
o I love basketball and soccer
o My position is centre mid in soccer and point guard in basketball although I’m a better soccer player than baller
o I don’t have any pets although I wouldn’t mind one
o I have the best friends and family anyone could ask for
o I am an INFJ
o I love to travel, ive been to some interesting places around the world
o I don’t have a favourite colour but you can never go wrong with black ;)

If you have any questions just send them through :D
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Energy | Alex Elle | 10/22/13

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Model: Afiya Bennett #afiyabennett #model #NYC #beautiful

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Paul Wall - Oh Girl


Paul Wall - Oh Girl

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Ghanaian Actres Yvonne Okoro

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