The Miseducation of Lulu George


Well im back, formerly oohmisslulu but now LadyLuluStyle

I thought it was time to grow up and make a blog that was actually worth reading.

It's main focus will be afropunk Style, art, woc, qwoc, music, culture, Indigenous issues and a bit of politics...

On occasions I will blog some controversial things and I take full ownership of any opinion pieces I post on here.

There's not much to know about me.

But here are some fun facts to get started.

o I live in Sydney
o I’m Indigenous Australian
o I love basketball and soccer
o My position is centre mid in soccer and point guard in basketball although I’m a better soccer player than baller
o I don’t have any pets although I wouldn’t mind one
o I have the best friends and family anyone could ask for
o I am an INFJ
o I love to travel, ive been to some interesting places around the world
o I don’t have a favourite colour but you can never go wrong with black ;)

If you have any questions just send them through :D



a simple yet beautiful reminder, it could be you! be thankful for everything you have.

i love these but i also wanna say, even if someone is homeless and has no talent, never had a job, doesnt speak numerous languages or have a cool skill, they are steal worthy of a home. homeless people are people, whether or not they are worth something in a capitalist world, they are still and always will be worthy of a safe secure life simply because they are people

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"spiritual practices taught by enlightented beings, saints, and sages in all spiritual traditions have been passed down to their students as expressions of great kindness and compassion with the caveat that they are simply maps to awakening. as is said, once the destination is reached, the map may be tossed away. true spiritual wisdom reminds us that the map is not the territory itself. we can’t feel the wetness of water by looking at photographs of water; we must immerse ourselves in it. we can’t feel the ecstasy of awakened awareness through reading about it; we must find it in our innermost Self."  Michael Bernard Beckwith  from his book Life Visioning: a transformative process of activating your unigue gifts and highest potential.

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I am in love with rain

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Valerie June - Stockholm / Sweden

Photo/Copyright: Mattias Stiller

18° 15’ N, 77° 30’ W

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Alvin Ailey Dance Theater

Briana Reed in ALVIN AILEY’S CRY. Photo by Paul Kolnik

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Smooth motion

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